Our Caroline (2015)

Originally posted on August 22, 2015.

“Life is hard in Uganda
Majority of the people live in poverty
Against my will I left America
I had a good life
A good job
I was getting my papers in order
Then they tricked me
I was put on a plane back to Uganda
But God is so Good
God loves me so much
I am glad to be back home”

These were the words in the story that captivated us as we sat in Cafe Path after walking around the marketplace in Lira, Uganda. As we walked in, there was this beautiful tall presence that stood in a full length African style dress who spoke with familiarity to a gentleman behind the counter in the kitchen area.

Shortly thereafter she sat down at a table as she fumbled with the electronic devices and accessories housed in her bags. Sue and Sunday our Mission4water leaders had already engaged her in conversation. We quickly learned she indeed was more than familiar with the good American food at Cafe Path and she was also more than acquainted with America. She knew the life of an American, but what she knew best was her place of origin and the provision of God over her family, her home…Uganda!

This beautiful spirit is Caroline!


Written by Kimberly

Our Caroline (2015)

Be Hospitable (2015)

Originally posted on August 21, 2015.

1 Peter 4:9 Be hospitable with one another without complaint.

If God has intended to challenge me in new ways on this trip then my first challenge was delivered to me today.

This morning, day 2 of working, we began our day in Ephesians 4 discussing a life worthy of our calling.  Our devotional leader asked us, what gifts we thought we were brining to the trip. My immediate response was hospitality. My greatest joy is opening my home to friends and strangers. I live to provide people a comfortable space to build relationships and share in nice meals. Fortunately, God has provided me with the means to do so.  However, my response must have been one filled with pride rather than of service as only two hours I was confronted by God.

Yesterday, local villagers watched us work on the well and must have realized that we had no place to sit on breaks. So today they gifted us with four beautifully constructed chairs, chairs that according to our coordinator are not easy to come by. At that moment I felt challenged by God. The villagers who sometimes go without food or drink water from contaminated springs were able to care for us, for no reason other than to provide comfort.  I had to ask myself; if I had little or no resources to meet my basic needs or my family’s needs, could I be or rather, would I be as hospitable as I am now? Would I be willing to open my home to friends and strangers if I couldn’t provide for myself?

And just to drive the point home, God left his final statement for me in the form of a small boy and his great act of kindness. As we gathered our things to leave for the day we left a box behind with a single bottle of water. One bold little boy decided to see what we left behind and was elated to find the bottle of water. He immediately turned to a friend, smiled and gave the water the friend.

Challenge Accepted.


Written by Julianna

Be Hospitable (2015)